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Streamlining Operations with Amazon FBA

Amazon FBA offers eCommerce retailers an opportunity to streamline their operations with warehouse-to-marketplace solutions. Some retailers may opt to engage in FBA prep on their own, while others may choose a third-party FBA prep service to handle the details. In the end, the outcome is the same – operations are streamlined, and customers receive goods faster.

What Does It Mean to Streamline Operations?

Every retailer has processes that can be made more efficient. Streamlining operations creates an organized system to make a business more effective by employing faster and simpler working methods. Taking the necessary steps to better operations will ultimately make the organization more profitable.

Streamlining Operations Can Reduce Stress

When an order comes in, a retailer must take many steps to get inventory out the door and into the hands of a customer. However, when products are stored in a warehouse and fulfilled by Amazon, many of those responsibilities are transferred to an outside entity. The retailer no longer has to stress about the movement of goods. Instead, they can focus on customer service and other matters that are essential to building a reputable business.

FBA Minimizes Delays

FBA is efficient because Amazon has worked to perfect the process of getting goods to consumers. Amazon prides itself in providing Prime services that get inventory to the customer in days instead of weeks, which is common when a standard retailer handles orders.

Amazon partners and third-party FBA prep services can minimize delays by moving goods immediately when an order is received. With plenty of manpower, those who provide FBA services reduce delays that typically occur throughout the inventory fulfillment and shipping process.

Third-Party FBA Prep Services Benefit Everyone

A third-party FBA prep service is a company other than the retailer or Amazon that stores and ships items to the Amazon warehouse. This frees up space at the retailer’s location, allows the retailer to import directly into FBA, and reduces the cost of staging inventory.

Small eCommerce stores may not be able to meet the strict quality standards of prep for FBA. That’s why working with a third-party FBA prep service is beneficial for everyone involved. The retailer can scale their eCommerce business without headaches and staging is outsourced to streamline transportation to the customer.

Amazon FBA Warehousing is Cost-Effective

Amazon is like a mega mall with shoppers sifting through millions of products. It can be difficult to maintain inventory and get it into the hands of consumers quickly. That’s where Amazon FBA warehousing comes in. A third-party pre-Amazon warehouse can store containers full of inventory that can efficiently be transported, reducing costs for shipping and storage. Additionally, warehouses maintain accurate records to inform retailers of the status of their stock so that they consistently maintain necessary levels of inventory.

LOA Provides Effective Warehouse and Amazon FBA Services to Retailers Nationwide

With over 760,800 cartons shipped annually, LOA has developed effective warehouse throughput services. We offer storage and Amazon FBA prep services that can eliminate time and cost for eCommerce retailers. Contact us to get a quote or ask us a question.