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Things You Need to Know About Freight Forwarding

Freight forwarding is a convenient way to get your products to customers quickly and efficiently. You may use a range of methods, including by air, ocean, and inland (truck or railway). The process can seem daunting if you are not familiar with freight forwarding. However, by collaborating with a logistics partner like LOA, you can achieve success.

Here are key things you should know about how working with a freight forwarder will benefit you.

Freight Forwarders Offer Many Services

A freight forwarder is responsible for the transportation of goods from one place to another. Many freight forwarders specialize in handling the entire process for shippers, from movement to storage. They can act as an intermediary between the shipper and transportation services. Some of the services freight forwarders offer include:

  • Storage of Goods
  • Arranging Transportation of Goods
  • Negotiation of Prices
  • Import/Export Documentation
  • Customs
  • Packaging
  • Insurance of Loads
  • Management of Inventory
  • Labeling

You should determine exactly what you need from your freight forwarder and work with them to develop a plan to get your inventory to your customers in the fastest way possible.

Freight Forwarders Can Reduce Time and Avoid Delays

An experienced freight forwarder can reduce the time your goods take to get from one destination to another. Although delays are inevitable at times, a freight forwarder with knowledge about the most efficient ways to transport inventory can help you avoid a stall. When a delay does happen due to bad weather, mechanical breakdowns, or other issues that are out of their control, a freight forwarder can handle the issue professionally on your behalf. You won’t have to deal with the stress on your own.

Freight Forwarders Can Handle Necessary Documentation

Few people enjoy the paperwork that is involved with international shipping. However, a freight forwarder with experience in handling necessary documentation can make quick work of the job and prevent possible legal issues in the future.

Some documents your freight forwarder can handle for you include invoices, bills of lading, certificates of origin, inspection certificates, export licenses, packing lists, and export declarations. By handing over the responsibilities to your freight forwarder, you can ensure proper management of these documents.

Freight Forwarders Can Often Provide Storage of Your Goods

Although freight forwarders specialize in moving goods, they often have warehouse space in the country of origin for your goods. This will ensure that your inventory is insured and housed in a climate-controlled and secure area.

Freight Forwarders Are Familiar with International Laws

If your goods are being transported across borders, it’s important to know the legal requirements of specific countries. Even moving goods between destinations in North America can be complex. An experienced freight forwarder can assist you by knowing relevant laws and ensuring that you meet all necessary requirements.

LOA is a Freight Forwarder with a Strong Network

As an established business in global air, ocean, and inland shipping, LOA has a strong network of organizations that we can connect you with. By collaborating with other reliable companies, we can minimize delays, provide you with a reasonable quote, and help you overcome challenges in the shipping and storage industry.

With more than 20 years in the freight forwarding industry, we continue to provide clients with top notch service. Contact us for a quote or with any questions you may have.