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Texas eases up on some trucking rules in wake of Laura

Texas has suspended several trucking rules and regulations in the wake of Hurricane Laura.In an order handed down Wednesday, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said the moves will “help expedite the delivery of food, water, equipment, medical supplies and other resources to help communities impacted by the storm.”

The rules that have been suspended include the oversize and overweight regulations. Under the current code, the state’s rules limit single-axle weights to 20,000 pounds, tandem axle weight to 34,000 pounds and an overall weight limit calculated by a formula. 

The suspensions of rules and regulations also involve various requirements regarding registration and permitted usage of vehicles registered out of state and time requirements for trucks operating on expired registrations.

In a brief prepared announcement regarding the waiving of the rules, Abbott said the waivers were requested by the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles.

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