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Importer is the entity that is responsible for the importation of goods from abroad.  It is the importer’s responsibility to pay necessary fees to customs (duty) and other related fees that is involved during the importation process.

48 hours prior to ETD (Estimated Departure Date of Vessel).  Typically, this will be filed by the Shipper

24 hours prior to ETD (Estimated Departure Date of Vessel).

Importers are responsible for US Customs duties and tariffs.  US CBP (Customs and Border Protection) requires all importers to have a valid C1 bond (Importer Bond) in place so that in the event that the importer fails to pay the duties, CBP can file a claim against the bond.  Importers can choose to purchase a Continuous Custom Bond if they plan to import 2 or more entries during a given year.  Otherwise, a Single Entry Bond may also be purchase.

HTS code (Harmonized Tariff Schedule code) is the schedule used by US customs to determine the classification of goods and rate of duty for the products that are being imported.